CIONET Portugal

Last Thursday, The Lodge Porto HotelCIONET Portugal had a #roundtable promoting the discussion about rethinking #hrstrategies : Plug into the wisdom of the #Digital C-Level.

We started with the strategic and holistic vision by ITDS:

“As a #cio , you have a significant role to play in the #digitaltransformation of other departments, including #hrcommunity. By aligning technology with the needs of the #HR function, you can create an environment where people and technology work together for the betterment of the #organization . It is through such strategic cross-functional collaborations that organizations can fully leverage technology to drive productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, success.”, Riadh Chaabouni

“The modern corporate world is evolving, with traditional silos breaking down, giving way to a more interconnected environment. The Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) role in assisting and empowering this transformation is vital and strategic.“, Paulo Brás

Late in the evening André Fontes Fontes showed the #CIO’s the #Path for the #future : “What can I do to ease up your life”.

“Amazing! Outstanding! Navigation notices for CIOs and a perfect alignment between life and business. The simple way in which it dismantled complexity actually promoted a global reflection for digital leaders. Surely this is just the beginning… to be continued”, João Figueiredo

A big thank you to ITDSRiadh Chaabouni and Paulo Brás.

To our VIP #guestAndré Fontes, a big thank you for the out of the box approach for our #cioleadership, in what is already classified as the CIONET Portugal event of the year #2023.

CIONET Portugal would like to thank our CIOs for their presence, participation and enthusiasm.